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visitors over two days 



expert speakers



of food, wellness and healthcare solutions



Great venue



weekend of personal growth, networking and learning

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One Life, Many Choices . . .

Indeed in life, you have many choices to make.

Like, what food to eat, where to shop for your daily requirements, or even where to receive your healthcare needs.

There is no single path for all of us to follow to achieve our life's wellness goals - everyone tends to follow their own path.

The Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions provide a great atmosphere and unique learning opportunities on the path you can follow to reach your personal goals.


Discover More . . .

Lives have become more hectic for everyone.

It is no longer possible for you to live your life the way our forefathers lived their lives: simple, care-free and without the stress and strains we go through these days.

The Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions provide a weekend full of lectures, product demonstrations and networking opportunities that shall build on your mental, physical, emotional and social well-being.


There is something for you . . .

Every year a new therapy or product comes along that changes the game. 

The Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions expose you to an array of products, therapists, practitioners that make your journey to wellness a much easier task.

Join us at the upcoming exhibitions for excellent networking and learning from leading experts in their fields of study and practice.