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FoodWorld Media is an integrated media publishing, marketing communications, events management and consultancy company with a focus on the technical arena in sub-Sahara Africa.

The company has a particular focus on the food, agriculture, health, science & technology industries in the Continent.

The company is a leader in the provision of information on the opportunities, trends, innovations and market insights in these key areas of the economy in sub-Sahara Africa.

The company targets the following sectors:

  • Food, nutrition & health;
  • Engineering, science & technology; 
  • Agriculture and agri-business;
  • Business and technology

What we do

a) Publishing 

FoodWorld Media is the leader in the publication of high quality, high impact B2B magazines that target managers and opinion leaders in Africa’s industry. 

Our publications are distributed to several African countries and are also available online – highlighting trends, insights and investment opportunities in the Continent to our readers across the region and the World. 

Our readership extends beyond the Continent to other parts of the World, especially those interested in the happenings in Africa’s industry.

Our publications include:

The editorial content of our magazines are especially suited to the African industry's level of sophistication - with a great focus on the use of the magazines to build capacity of the industry in the Continent.

Our magazines are mainly targeted at the key decision makers in Africa's industry be they in the private sector, Governments or in NGOs or development partners. 

Our magazines are perfect for companies or organisations which have a regional or African footprint, considering the wide readership in the Continent and the World that they enjoy.

The company plans to introduce more magazines covering engineering, health, science and technology with the goal of providing a 360 degrees view of the industry in Africa in future.

b) Events management

We organize and execute industry events in the region with the goal of providing business and networking platforms between the industry players, governments, consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

c) Consultancy, Trainings & Capacity Building

The company, alone or in partnership with various partners, plans and executes various types of seminars and trainings covering such topics as food safety, food technology, packaging, agri-business and food nutrition. 

The company also has a number of consultants who provide consultancy services on value addition; food quality, systems and safety; formulations development and management; food nutrition and business management.