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Diabetes. Malnutrition. Heart disease. Stress. Cancer. Malaria. HIV/AIDS. Obesity. High blood pressure . . . .

These are some of the most common ailments and conditions that increasingly continue to grab the headlines in Africa.

For a long time, Africa used to be well known for its pictures of malnourished children and delibitating cases of communicable diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tubersulosis. Not any more.

In an increasingly prosperous Africa, it is alarming that malnutrition, or lack of food in adequate quantity and quality, remains a huge threat to the well-being of its children and adults.

In what experts are calling the "double burden of malnutrition and obesity", the dramatic rise in obesity in Africa's urban population has led to people who are obese and malnourished at the same time; due to their increased consumption of calorie-dense and nutrient-lacking diets, further compounding the situation.

In many parts of Africa, the debate is slowly, and firmly changing: the rapid rise in lifestyle diseases is changing the game in the Continent.

Diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and emotional conditions including depression are on the rise in many communities. And it is becoming rare to find a family that has not been affected.

According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 39 Kenyans per day died of cancer in 2014, making cancer the third biggest killer in the country, much more than the dreaded HIV/AIDS. Other diseases like heart disease are also on the rise in the country.

The Nutrition, Health & Wellness Matrix

Experts advice that the fine balance between the nutritional, physical, intellectual, financial, social and emotional well-being are critical to the overall health and feeling of wellness by human beings.

One cannot be healthy if any of these factors is lacking.

A nutritionally and physically fit individual who has emotional issues cannot be considered to be healthy. Neither will one who is physically weak but has access to well-balanced food and is emotionally healthy.

The importance of emotional well-being is probably not appreciated by many, but is critical to the overall well-being.

Why Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions?

The Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions are a range of consumer expos and seminars in Kenya that are targeted at creating and improving the awareness about healthy living and general well-being.

The expos are held over the weekend to ensure the attendance of the entire family.

The venues for the expos are family-friendly, with facilities to cater for the young and the older generations, with some fun mixed in, to enable networking and learning in an interesting atmosphere. 

These expos provide manufacturers, retailers and distributors of food and beverage products, healthcare and wellness products and services with a great opportunity to showcase, demonstrate and discuss with consumers the unique features and benefits of their products and services.

These are unique platforms, where suppliers of healthy products and services coaches sit side by side in one venue, enabling consumers to access all the critical nutritional, health care, emotional, personal and home care products and services that are vital for their well-being.

At the same time, in parallel to the expos, seminars by authoritative individuals and companies will be conducted on a number of key topics, to enable individuals to gain important knowledge on healthy living.

Planned originally to be hosted in a number of cities in Kenya, starting with Nairobi this year, the Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions are expected to be attended by consumers, Government agencies, NGO representatives among other stakeholders.