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visitors over two days 



expert speakers



of food, wellness and healthcare solutions



Great venue



weekend of personal growth, networking and learning


Family focused, Family friendly. Access to right information. Your questions answered. Marketplace for healthy products and services. Great networking opportunities . . .

There are many reasons you must take your time and attend the Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions, like the ones above.

But we do believe that there are thousands of reasons to be at the next exhibition - some of them very personal to you.

The Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions bring together medical practitioners, suppliers of health, wellness and healthcare products and services, associations and Government agencies to a weekend that focuses on healthy eating and living.

The events are held in family-friendly, easy to access venues that enable interaction between visitors, exhibitors and specialist speakers in the exhibition booths and at the seminar rooms.

As a visitor to the exhibitions, you will have access to products and services including healthy food and beverage products; kitchen and home care products; baby and pregnancy products; wellness technologies; sleep and relaxation products; exercise and lifestyle products; body care products; supplements and ingredients; healthcare solutions and more . . .

At the seminars, that will be facilitated by medical specialists and other industry leaders, you will have an opportunity to learn about health and health care tips; food and personal safety; disease management; healthy eating and living; exercise; social and financial health, among other topics.

At the exhibitions, visitors have access to products and services from a number of leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers that add value on the visitors' journey to healthier living.

Reasons to attend the next Exhibition.

Let us explain why we think you must be at the next exhibition:

One weekend, one family - Held over the weekend, the Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions provide the entire family with a unique platform to learn about proven ways of healthy living, together.

Decisions about healthy eating and living are easier to start and critically, maintain, with the involvement of the entire family. Take this opportunity to take the first step to your family's healthy living journey.

Great, family friendly atmosphere - The Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions are held in family friendly environments that enable learning, shopping and networking for the whole family.

The exhibitions have baby and toddler friendly facilities and play areas that will keep the young members of the family engaged as the parents shop or attend the seminars.

Meet the experts - T he Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions seminars are facilitated by medical practitioners and specialists and industry leaders who shall guide on ways to live a healthy and prosperous life.

Topics ranging from disease management (diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure etc); exercise and lifestyle; food choices and diet; social and financial health etc, will be discussed at length at these events.

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