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visitors over two days 



expert speakers



of food, wellness and healthcare solutions



Great venue



weekend of personal growth, networking and learning


Show your commitment and leadership in the industry by taking up our unique sponsorship and/or exhibition opportunities . . .

Whether you are a food or beverage manufacturer or distributor; manufacturer of health and wellness products; a healthcare provider; supplier of financial or insurance services; among others, the Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibition is a perfect opportunity for you.

Sponsorship opportunities and exhibition opportunities available include a range of Premium (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) options and various opportunities to sponsor the seminar sessions; plus exhibition opportunities.

Why Sponsor or Exhibit at the Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibition?

Bring forth your unique brand's unique profile - You have done a great job of developing your  food, health or wellness product. But how many people are aware of its unique profiles and benefits? Make use of this unique platform to talk to consumers who are out to discover, understand and ready to buy your unique product or service.

The Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions blend exhibition and nutrition, health and wellness seminars that you can use to strategically place your products and services in the minds of consumers, who are incteasingly concerned about the choices they have around their health and wellness.

Meet and interact with key family decision makers - The profile of visitors to the Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions include medium and high income earners with young and growing families. Take this opportunity to interact with these key family decision makers who are a critical, and growing consumption demographic, now and into the future.

Held in a family friendly environment, and over the weekend when families are always together, the Exhibition provides a unique chance to talk to the whole family - from young babies and toddlers, to teens, to mothers and fathers. 

Highly informed audience who shall drive your brand in the marketplace - Visitors to the Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness Exhibitions are highly informed and educated individuals and families from the region who shall drive the sale of your premium healthy products in the marketplace.


The Kenya Nutrition, Health & Wellness is a perfect opportunity for the following types of companies, consultancies and individuals to showcase and demonstrate their products and services to their target consumers:

  • Food and beverage manufacturers, distributors and importers; 
  • Specialty food products - organic, Fair trade, and other certified products;
  • Home care products, water treatment solutions and equipment;
  • Baby food, baby care and pregnancy care products and solutions;
  • Weight management products and solutions;
  • Suppliers and distributors of supplements, essential vitamins and minerals, essential oils and fine ingredients; 
  • Healthcare providers - hospitals, consultancies, and other providers;
  • Nutrition, health and wellness technologies and innovations, including software and hardware;
  • Exercise and gym equipment and services;
  • Cooking and kitchen care equipment and solutions;
  • Sleep and relaxation supplies, equipment and solutions;
  • Wellness providers - nutrition management, disease and pest management, pain management, sports and exercise, mental/psychological health, addiction and rehabilitation, etc;
  • Body care products and services - oral, hair, skin, face and other body products and solutions; 
  • Other related products and services.

The organisers would like to inform potential sponsors and exhibitors that some terms and conditions apply, and that the organisers have the right to deny products and services that do not meet the terms and conditions for this event. 

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